Personnel Index - Detail

First Names
Edward John
F/Sgt (later P/O)
Service Number
R96467 (NCO) J18661 (Officer)
Crew Position
Air Bombardier
Posting Details
Initially posted in 2/43


Awarded the DFM.

Posted in 2/43 and out 6/43 as Sergeant, then posted in 2/44 and out 4/44 as P/O.

Flew 24 operations with 49sqn.

Image courtesy of Deb Flemming (neice of Sgt M.G Webb)

26th December 1942
Jack Matthews - navigator
George Silvester - rear gunner
Art Davies - mid upper gunner
Maurice Webb - wireless operator
Dennis Downing - flight engineer
Ed Tickler - pilot
Ted Lowans - bomb aimer

Image courtesy of Deb Flemming (neice of Sgt M.G Webb)

An undated photograph

Ted Lowans - bomb aimer
Maurice Webb - W.A.G
Ted Tickler - pilot
W.A. Davies - rear gunner
Jack Matthews - navigator

When he returned to 49Sqn in 1944 he was part of the F/O Evans crew.

From L to R:
F/O J W AdamsSgt F S SeymourSgt R A DainesS/Ldr J H Evans (in the doorway) , F/O W J Hamilton,  P/O E Lowans,  F/Sgt G M Weller

Image taken as the crew returned from Schweinfurt on the 24th/25th Feb 1944 ........JB466 (EA-A).