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First Names
Gordon James William
Service Number
Crew Position
Air Gunner
Date of Death


Awarded the DFM

Photographed by Malcolm Brooke

One of the NCO aircrew is Sgt GJW Parkinson.

The crashsite of LM541


Photograph via Ron Eeles

The funeral of the crew of LM541

7/8 July, 1944; ST-LUE-D'ESSERENT (CRIEL):

5 Group paid a second visit to the V1storage dump at St Leu on the 7th. A slightly smaller force of 208 Lancasters led by Pathfinder Mosquitoes, accurately bombed the tunnels in which the flying bombs were stored. But the cost in men and aircraft was to be high; 29 Lancasters and 2 Mosquitoes were lost as German night-fighters again took their toll.

What did shock and sadden many at Fiskerton was the loss of one very experienced crew; F/Lt George Ball DFC (LM541) was flying his 30th operation, and most of his crew their 29th. Tragically they were all killed and are buried in Le Chesne Cemetery, Eure, France.

Lancaster LM541 (EA-N)
F/L G.E. Ball DFC Pilot (Killed)
Sgt E. Wardman F/E (Killed)
P/O G. Millar NAV (Killed)
P/O J. Kernahan W/OP (Killed)
Sgt J.A. Kirwan DFM A/G (Killed)
P/O G.A. Rae RCAF A/B (Killed)
F/S G.J.W.Parkinson DFM A/G (Killed)

Crew on their 29th operation

Colin Cripps (Association Researcher):
A victim of Lt. Siegfried Elsässer Stab II./NJG

Earlier in his career F/Sgt Parkinson had been involved in a collision with a Ju88 whilst flying with F/O Bill Healey.

LEIPZIG, 19th February 1944:

F/O Bill Healey RCAF (JB679) and crew, flying D-Dog also returned early with a collision report, but this time it was between his Lancaster and that of a German aircraft. A sudden jar shuddered through D-Dog; looking out along the port main plane, Bill saw the shadowy shape of a Ju88 sitting on his wing tip with the German pilot clearly visible. The time was 02.01hrs and they were flying at 21,000ft. Within moments the Junkers fell away, taking ten feet of Lancaster wing with it.


F/O Healey fought for control as they lost height rapidly in a spiral dive. His crew watched as the German burst into flames as it crashed on the ground.

Struggling back to Fiskerton on three engines and a severely shortened wing, the Healey crew touched down at 03.39hrs. A daylight inspection revealed extensive damage with the port outer engine pushed askew and the airscrew bent beyond redemption. For his excellent display of airmanship, F/O Healey RCAF was awarded the DFC.